Class Descriptions

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Beginning Fusing
The foundation for all hot glass working starts here. Glass fusing is the process of using a kiln to manipulate glass under heat. It's FUN and CREATIVE. Create like you never thought you could. Incorporate your creations into your more traditional glasswork. You will take your work to a higher level with the knowledge of glass fusing. We'll make coasters, an 8" bowl or plate or a soap dish, 4-6 pendants or a tile or two. We'll learn about glass cutting on the first night. You'll only be limited by your imagination. Taking this class will qualify you to take the Fusing Fun Workshops or advanced fusing classes. We rent kiln time at the studio. Experienced students may choose their own projects based on their skill level.
Beginning Stained Glass
Learn the basic steps of working with stained glass while you create a panel about 10” by 14”. Step by step instruction is provided, learn to cut glass, fit, foil, solder, frame with zinc and patina. Supply costs vary, returning students welcome. Tools are available for purchase at a discount during class!
Flat Panel Lamp Shade
Are you ready to delve into your first lampshade, or have you tried one and would like to gain a few pointers? Come to this class! Please have a pattern chosen for a 4-or 6-sided flat panel lampshade, with fewer than 15 pieces per panel. Please bring all your tools and supplies, grinders are provided.
Choose your pattern and glass before class, we will help you!
We will show you how to create a jig, prepare the pattern, solder the panels, assemble the lampshade, attach the cap and to patina the shade.
Night 1: Create a jig, pattern work, and glass cutting
Night 2: Solder individual panels
Night 3: Begin lamp assembly
Night 4: Finish assembly, solder strap or cap, patina.
Fused Bird Bath
You'll make a round glass bird bath bowl that will hang. Previous fusing experience is required for class entry.
Fusing Fun / Fun with Fusing
Choose your project - time and space for you to work with an experienced instructor for help. Knowledge of basic fusing and glass cutting required for this workshop, a beginning fusing class!
How to Work With Lead Came
You must have previous experience in glass cutting & soldering techniques to take this class. You will chose from several patterns for your project, if you want to use your own pattern, it must be pre-approved. Supplies will be purchased as needed during this four week class. YOU WILL HAVE HOMEWORK. Grinders will be provided in the classroom, bring your hand tools.
Broaden your knowledge in stained glass & learn the lead came technique in this class. Join the fun!!!!
This class will teach:
- Proper pattern layout & measuring
- Getting started with your project
- Leading & soldering techniques
- Zinc framing your panel
- Cementing
- Finishing & proper cleaning
Intermediate Fused Glass
For students who would like to work on more involved projects with the help of an experienced instructor. Your choice of project. Price may include materials. Check pricing information when you enroll in this class.
Intermediate Glass
Previous training(classes etc) in your technique is required for this class. Continue to grow your glass skills and knowledge. This is your opportunity to reinforce skills, start learning more advanced techniques and develop problem-solving proficiency. Work at your own speed on the project of your choice, open to fusers and stained glass work.
Lead Came
In this new class you’ll learn the technique of lead came. We begin with pattern preparation,  then cutting the lead came, assembling, soldering through cementing and final clean up. Beginning Stained Glass required for entry. Pattern provided.
Mother's Day Fusing
Bring your Mom, sister, brother, Aunts, friends or children: you'll have fun making a 8” sun-catcher and a pendant! $30 class fee includes all materials and firing. Projects will be available in a week or so.
Open Studio Workshop
Workshop is great for the person who needs help on a project. Come use the shop space and glass grinders to work on any project. Reservations and pre-payment is required to ensure enough staff is available to help with your specific needs.
Pot Melts, Intro
Pot melting is a simple introduction to kiln casting. The possibilities are endless while using scrap glass. Develop your potential for creating truly one of a kind work for special projects.
Reproduction Lamps
This class is intended for the serious glass artist, no feint of heart allowed. You will learn how to use glass to its fullest. Shading and highlighting techniques will be demonstrated so you can emphasize design. Laminating will be discussed so you can add realism and depth to your lamp) a procedure done Tiffany himself). Reinforcing with wire and brass will be done to ensure strength. This class will challenge and improve your skills and creativity. When finished, you will have a work of art that can be passed on for generations. Prior to class (minimum of 10 days), students must have picked out a lamp design to make sure that all components are on hand to help avoid delays. You can plan on having homework to complete your lamp, but it will be worth the aggravation!
Sodering Clinic
Bring a copper foiled project ready for soldering, your soldering iron, solder and flux. We will give you instruction technique as well as problem solving. Pre-registration is required.
Tiffany Style Lamp Class- the Odyssey Method
This is the ultimate stained glass project. We will help you select the perfect glass for your shade as well as teach you the steps and techniques used to create a beautiful work of art. Class meets 6 times over a 7 week period, allowing students more time to complete their lamps. Cutting and soldering skills required. Please choose mold before first night of class. Student will rent molds for this class.



Holiday Fun

Fused Glass Holiday Ornaments

You may make as many ornaments as you want @ $13.00 each ornament, materials provided Perfect for holiday gift giving and creating an ornament for each person on your list to treasure. This is a fun time to spend with your family and friends, make it an annual event! We'll supply everything you need to create fused glass ornaments and provide lots of design ideas to keep you inspired. Great family fun-you may register kids (age 7 and up, with an adult present) for this class. $13.00 PER ORNAMENT.

Mother's Day Fusing

Bring your Mom, sisters, kids and friends and have a blast. You will design and build a 6” by 8' sun catcher, with rods, stringers, frit, and glass to create a pattern or scene. No experience is needed. Ages 8+ (with an adult present) through adult. Bring your ideas with you!